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Our customers LOVE our cloths...

"Hi Karen. I've just taken a break from cleaning to tell you how much I Love my Wipe and Glow cloths! My house is practically all glass, lots and lots of windows, glass covered tables, glass doors, mirrors - and these natural cleaning cloths do a super job. No streaks or water spots at all! It's the glass cleaning that I love because I don't have to harm the environment with glass cleaners and paper towels. Thanks so much." - Penny, Fort Erie, ON

"We love the Wipe and Glow cloths. We use them for all our cleaning." - Rose and Mike, Jarvis, ON

"I use them more in the kitchen than anywhere else. They are great on my stainless steel appliances - nothing else seemed to work, then I used the Wipe and Glow cloths and that's all that I need." - Trina B, St. Catharines, ON

"Granite countertops LOVE the wipe and glow cloths, and so do I."
- Stephanie W, Hamilton, ON

"I clean peoples homes for a living and since I've been using the Wipe and Glow cloths, I'm able to use less supplies and paper towels and the work time is cut in half. I love them and now sell them to my clients as well!" - Preeya V, Mississauga, ON

"A friend gave me a Wipe and Glow cloth to try and within a day I had to go online and buy more so that I could have one for each area I needed to clean. These Wipe and Glow natural cleaning cloths work great" - Cathy P, Kitchener, ON

"I got one from a friend and just loved how it worked so well. We have just used the Wipe and Glow cloths for a successful fundraiser at our school. All the parents loved them too!" - Karen C, Toronto, ON


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Get out your camera phone, or your video camera and shoot us a quick clip about why you love the Wipe and Glow cloths and what unique uses you've found for them. We'll put you up on our website and use your videos at our shows! If you're a little camera shy, then just drop us an email with your story. We always love to hear how we've saved you time and money!

email: karen@wipeandglow.com


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