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March 1, 2011 – With a green product and green mindset firmly established, Karen Jamieson of Wipe and Glow Cleaning Cloths (http://www.wipeandglow.com) recently enrolled her company in the Green Business Bureau (http://www.gbb.org) on the way to becoming green business certified.

Jamieson says she’s been trying to become “a little more conscious of the environment and going green” for over 20 years. She’s made a good effort with Wipe a Glow Cleaning Cloths, chemical-free, paper-free, reusable micro-fiber cleaning cloths that clean surfaces with only water. The cloths eliminate the need for paper towels and chemical cleaners, resulting in both cost and environmental savings.

Wipe and Glow have been a fixture at green trade and products shows in the New York and Ontario area for the past years, where Jamieson networked with other eco-businesses. When it was time to formalize her commitment to greening her business, Jamieson chose the GBB because it caters to member who are conscious of the environment. Now as she works towards her green business certification, she’s looking forward to getting know like-minded individuals.

You can learn more about Wipe and Glow Cleaning Cloths at http://www.wipeandglow.com.


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